Developer Tools

FHIR UI Components

We provide a library of fully cuztomizable UI components that bind directly to FHIR resources and can greatly improve the efficiency of building a SMART-on-FHIR application.

Rather than going through the tediousness of building components to display a FHIR resource, just use our components and style them however you'd like.

  • Completely customizable to fit the look-and-feel of your application
  • Bind directly to FHIR resources
FHIR Address UI Component

De-Duplication and Merge

When data is pulled from multiple health systems, there are likely to be duplicates that are just slightly different.

Use our tools to identify these duplicates and merge them together to ensure data is neither lost nor duplicated.

De-Duplication and Merge

Document Digitization

Even the most sophisticated health systems rely on paper documents throughout the course of their workflows. Scanned ID cards, patient intake forms, or custom printouts are just a few examples.

Plasma Document Digitization can quickly extract the data from these documents into a structured, machine-readable format that can be used for automation, analytics, and more.

Name: SUBSCRIBER BROWN Member ID: 999999999 Group Number: OHPHCP Payer ID: 87726

Speech-to-Text and NLP

Use our speech-to-text APIs to extract information from recorded voice messages, whether that be dictations made by providers or voicemails left by patients.

Our suite of NLP tools can then be used to extract useful information from these transcriptions.

Geo-Location APIs

We provide a range of location-aware APIs that can be used to enhance your user's experience. For example, rather than asking a patient to search for their health center through a long list of names, why not present them first with the health centers closest to their current location?

Unit Conversion

Often, data will be returned to applications in units of measurement that are not desirable (we may not want to show the patient their height in centimeters, at least not in the United States). Our tools can quickly and conveniently convert units of measurement to whichever unit is needed.


FHIR resources can be cumbersome to work with, especially when there are multiple properties that can potentially hold the data we need or when there are multiple nested layers of properties, all of which can be null. Our API library can handle this, grabbing the data in a presentable format for you and keeping your codebase nice and clean.

Many More!

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